Who is cliff richard dating

I just can’t resist it.’ He’s scaling his workload down though, along with his lifestyle. I’m satisfied with everything the way it is and I wouldn’t change anything.’ Perhaps it’s all that sun, but Cliff’s very laid-back today.‘For instance, I had a big house in England which was closed for nine months of the year. I’ve met dozens of ex-pats and a handful have become really close friends. So even if one day I did sell this house, I would still want to have something here.'As I get older, I’m thinking lock-up-and-go sounds good. He looks good too, and tells me he keeps his skin supple with moisturiser and disguises any grey hair creeping through with a light brown tint.

‘Yes, sometimes I wake up in the morning and realise I haven’t sung for six months and it’s wonderful not having to worry about my throat giving out.Girls were serving the meals and we’d get up there and try to look like Elvis.They obviously found that appealing as we stood out as different from the other boys.'I got back from that tour and I must have put on about l0lbs and I guess it showed.So I started dieting and have pretty well kept it off ever since.

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