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She was heartbroken when she woke up one morning to find a raccoon had killed all 11 of her quail; she’d unwittingly housed them in a coop with holes that were too large. Keiser makes about a third of her former six-figure PR salary picking up graphic design clients from home, and selling milk and cheese at the local markets, and "can't remember the last time I shopped for something luxurious or even had a real facial." Cimini's income is under ,000 a year now, compared to her pre-farm ,000.And when she accidentally bought a rooster (a male, as opposed to the female hen she thought she was taking home), he attacked her from behind so fiercely, she thought she’d been shot. But, both say, the money they do have is spent more meaningfully.Her chickens, named Prada, Dior, and Fendi, are the rare "lemon pyle" Brahma breed, so named for the subtle blonde hue of their feathers.Her Mini Alpine dairy goats are Valentino and Chloé (Notice a pattern? Keiser admits she was terrified to move to the proverbial middle of nowhere alone, but she decided she couldn’t put her life on hold anymore waiting for the right guy to come along.

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(She’s still on payroll as a clerk, after transferring to an office closer to her farm).For example: No more pricey nights partying 'til 2 a.m. Cimini was a self-described socialite in Asbury Park; now, she says, “there are no nights out — like, never.” Vacations are even more rare: She and Len manage day trips to go hiking and have quick lunches, but farm duties are always calling.“When you have an orphaned lamb in your living room and have to bottle-feed her every four hours, it really makes socializing tough,” she says.For her and many of Instagram’s #Girl Farmers, who leave their fabulous city hustles for slower, simpler, and much more Instagrammable lives, hatching flourishing farms without a man’s help feels like an empowering exercise in independence.#Girl Farmers have become a sisterhood: They forge friendships online, and swap tips on how to milk a goat or build a chicken coop, applying that same ambition that made them so successful in their past city lives to farming.

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