Open directory replica not updating

Multi-master replication is a method of database replication which allows data to be stored by a group of computers, and updated by any member of the group. The multi-master replication system is responsible for propagating the data modifications made by each member to the rest of the group, and resolving any conflicts that might arise between concurrent changes made by different members.Multi-master replication can be contrasted with master-slave replication, in which a single member of the group is designated as the "master" for a given piece of data and is the only node allowed to modify that data item.

Asynchronous multi-master replication commits data changes to a deferred transaction queue which is periodically processed on all databases in the cluster.Multi-master replication can also be contrasted with failover clustering where passive slave servers are replicating the master data in order to prepare for takeover in the event that the master stops functioning.The master is the only server active for client interaction.There is also an external project, Galera Cluster created by codership, that provides true multi-master capability, based on a fork of the Inno DB storage engine and custom replication plug-ins.Replication is synchronous, so no conflict is possible.

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