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Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) over his vote to pass an increase in the gas tax.Those seeking to recall Newman submitted more than enough signatures needed to qualify the measure for the ballot, if they're all deemed take down a controversial new video that he argued villanizes political rivals and could lead to violence.“Come after politicians. Come after ME,” Newsom wrote on his Facebook page Thursday. And your message could lead to tragedy.”The NRA video, which urges people to join the organization, was posted earlier this month and features conservative commentator Dana Loesch talking about political rivals who she argues use the media, schools and Hollywood for sinister purposes.But “do not implicitly call for demonstrations of force against your fellow Americans in a country that is already reeling. The video features footage of police clashing with protesters and a bloodied Trump supporter, and flashes images such as the Hollywood sign, Disney Hall and the Los Angeles Times building as Loesch repeatedly invokes an unnamed opponent she refers to as "they."Loesch’s concluding remarks in the minute-long video have drawn the most ire.“The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom, is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth,” Loesch said. of America, and I’m freedom’s safest place.”Newsom is a longtime foe of the NRA.Brown dismissed a recent poll by the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley, which said that a majority of registered voters oppose the gas tax increases Brown and legislators recently approved."That was a poll that said, 'Do you want to raise a tax? "Of course people are going to say no."Brown added that when voters are given "concrete situations" like education and roads, they're more likely to support tax increases."I think Californians are always leery of taxes. A fiscal conservative and social moderate who has demonstrated crossover appeal by winning over Democrats, Faulconer has been seen as the GOP’s strongest potential gubernatorial candidate, and one who could help Republicans in down-ballot races if he was at the top of the ticket in 2018.

He was facing pressure to enter the race and GOP insiders who were familiar with his thinking believed he was leaning toward running.If a Republican gubernatorial candidate fails to make the general election, creating a Democrat-on-Democrat race in November 2018, that could depress GOP turnout and affect those targeted congressional races.“It leaves the Republicans without an obvious front-runner that the donors would have confidence in,” said GOP strategist Rob Stutzman, who previously advised former Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger and 2010 GOP nominee Meg Whitman.It’s theoretically possible for a Republican to get elected governor in California next year but it’s not very likely. There’s no guarantee the landscape for Republicans will be better in 2022 than it will be next year, but it certainly couldn’t be much worse.The partisan volleys have continued this week in the effort to recall state Sen.

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