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"Rail campaigners have formally objected to new timetable proposals for West Norfolk, which they claim will make services worse, not better.

A public consultation over planned weekend services on the Great Northern route between Lynn and London ends tomorrow [at noon].

Recent figures show that the stations – King’s Lynn, Downham Market, Ely and Waterbeach – have consistently been amongst the fastest growing stations in the region and that the line is currently well-used.

Increasing journey times puts this success at risk.

The earlier weekday proposals fail to address the hour gap in the Cambridge evening peak ].Association Secretary Andy Tyler tells the newspaper: "The run up to Christmas is always a bad time of year to ask people to respond to consultations.But even if the seasonal rush does get in the way, we've already made pretty clear - as have the Council and business leaders - to the politicians that these backwards-looking proposals really aren't on.The latest issue of the magazine also reports on a similar, more immediate, service degradation affecting Bedford and Luton.RAIL says: "Govia Thameslink Railway's plans for the 2018 weekend timetable on the King's Lynn line have been criticised by local councils, user groups and businesses ...

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