Dating liars

Life is short as you know and it should not be wasted on ugly people who do not have your heart or best interest in mind.

You have to become selective in the dating process and not give everyone with a pretty face or a nice smile a day in your world.

Stay focused and have fun no matter who you meet along the way.

Talking about dating and love is not always sweet, it all depends on who and what you want and what you allow in your life for the moment which is why I released my self-help book that covers just that topic, I have been writing for over 18 years and have published a variety of books from children’s books to self-help books dealing with relationship, personal growth and conflict issues.

I’ve been systematically exposing my boyfriend’s lying ways over the last few months.

I learned to do my research up front when something looked/seemed suspicious.

You have put your heart out on the line before and it has gotten you nowhere and now you want something real and true. Why are they liars and cheats once you finally give in to giving them a chance?

In the long run you will get what you want when the timing is right.Life is not always fair and many times you have to kiss your fair share of frogs in order to get what it is that you are looking for.Dating should not be complicated, but it is and if not careful it can be cruel if you don’t watch your heart.If you are not looking to develop commitment issues, learn to get to know a person before making or thinking you two are in a relationship.You don’t want to be embarrassed if this person is not on the same page as you now do you.

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