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"A nice place to grow up, suburban, but orchards and farmland all around us, still rural, quite a lot of shitkickers." Acting never came up."It's not the kind of dream people have in a small town like that.I really took notice of him in The Girl Next Door, in which he plays porn starlet Elisah Cuthbert's pimp-manager-ex, a perfect balance of the charismatic and villainous sides of Olyphant, the million-dollar smile morphing into the menacing sneer.Soon thereafter, he was cast as complicated, compromised Sheriff Seth Bullock in Deadwood.Givens adheres to a personal sense of honour, ill at ease with the modern bureaucratic niceties, a 19th-century man at large in the incomprehensible 21st.He's half Clint Eastwood in Coogan's Bluff, half Dennis Weaver in Mc Cloud."I always think of David Milch, his openness to the things around him, with that quote.He doesn't draw any distinction between what's happening in his life and what's happening in his show; one just bleeds into the other.

There was no forecast per se, just him calling in saying, 'This is what the weather's like outside right now.'" We're in Westwood, Los Angeles, at a coffee shop a few blocks from the house where Olyphant lives with his partner of 19 years, Alexis Knief, and their three children.

"I just remember thinking, 'Man, if [former Pistols guitarist] Steve Jones was here he'd start booing,' and I really, really wanted to do the booing for him.

Man, that show was a snore – I just didn't believe a word that came out of their mouths." Punk credentials firmly established, Olyphant sips his latte, which has a perfect heart sculpted into its milky surface. For years, the ex-Pistol had the lunchtime spot ("Jonesey's Jukebox") on LA radio station Indie 103.1.

Justified sees Olyphant back under a cowboy hat for the first time since Deadwood ("for the record, the connection I see is the hat," he says).

Givens is a US marshal who, after a controversial shooting of an armed suspect in Miami, is exiled to his childhood stomping grounds, the backwoods of Harlan County, Kentucky, there to be reconnected with his rotten childhood, his criminal father, his ex-wife, and his jailbird and white- supremacist schoolfriends.

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